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     5 Tiles by Izza Mozaic is a construct by artist Robert Trupp. 
This aspect of Cre8tive Wonders is a way to give back a portion of each tile sale. Izza will put $1.00 of each tile sold into a fund called Art with a Purpose. the funds are to be released into the community for humanitarian purposes. Izza wants to reach at least 1 million tiles eventually and along the way impart donations to aid the helpless and devastated. Izza will also collect thumbnails of each tile sold to create mosaics to commemorate each act of help given. Izza invites others to join in as they can and together we can make a huge difference where it can matter the most. 

Details for this effort will be forth coming, Izza may start a blog and so be able to share news and events.
Who or what is an Izza and what is this about 5 tiles?
Messages here go to Izza ONLY!
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