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About Cre8tiveWonders
Cre8tiveWonders is much like the fruits and vegetables in a wonderful garden waiting to be picked for just the right purpose. Just like a garden Cre8tiveWonders has many parts, though while each alone is wonderful, together they add to the overall appreciation of the whole.
Cre8tiveWonders started many years ago as a couple of artists working together to compliment each others skills as they built a life. We wanted to toss in many of our like-minded friends and soon assemble a body of talent that finds peace and creativity in pursuing this wonder called - art. As the years have moved along our desire grew to form a more perfect union that makes use of todays technology to present ourselves, has finally become reality. Our skills and pursuits have allowed for growth and a level of interactivity that can allow for a single selection of offerings to a full scale one-stop-experience that can handle community events as well as a gift for a loved one. 
Cre8tiveWonders today is a local group of Kansas City area artists that have over 35 years of interactivity together. We are all about entertainment, giving satisfaction for all parties involved and ongoing relationships. We each have shows and viewing's that we attend, and we can be seen participating in some of the larger festivals held in this area.  We will try to keep current and provide you with the information as we get it.

We look forward to seeing you.