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Dragons Galore!!
Unicorns Aplenty
Faeries Abound!
Many Others too!
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We take pride in our wide selection of quality image work, all our designs are handwork and our paints are hypo-allergenic. We apply a white undercoat to enhance the vibrant colors and allow the moisturizing ingredients to protect the skin from direct pigments contact.  
Full Face Masks
Fantasy Faces started as a husband / wife team of artists that have been given an opportunity to meet and closely impact children, parents and friends as we bring dynamic colors and designs right onto their very faces. We have added to our "staffing" by bringing apprentices into our fold and together we have expanded our designs and skills to better meet our people canvases. We maintain a booth at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival and are embarking on expanding to a second at a different location on the same grounds. The rest of the time we are a mobile team of painters visiting parties and corporate events in the Kansas City areas.